Thursday, January 18, 2018

Happy Friday!

Hi All –
  Hope you’ve had a good week and have plans for a great weekend! I know of about 25 men who I’m sure are going to have a great weekend, because they’re heading off this afternoon to take part in the Men’s Retreat at Camp Pecometh. If they have half as much fun and inspiration as we women did last weekend in Ocean City, it will be a great success! Send up a few prayers for them that God will grant them traveling mercies, and that it will be a spiritually uplifting and strengthening weekend for them all!

For those of us staying in town, here’s what’s happening this weekend at church:

  • - On Sunday morning, I’ll continue my sermon series “Show Me a Sign,” with this week’s symbol being a shepherd’s staff. We’ll look together at the passage in the tenth chapter of John where Jesus calls himself “the Good Shepherd” and what that means for us. Sue Johnson and the Chancel Choir will inspire us with their music, and during the announcement time you’ll get a little taste of what happened last weekend at the Women’s Retreat through a video presentation.
  • - Don’t forget to come to church prepared to buy your Joy of Faith dinner tickets. They’ll be on sale after both services in the Hospitality Area. The Joy of Faith weekend is Saturday, February 3rd – Sunday, February 4th, and this year’s presenters are former pro-athletes Kevin Reilly and Dickie Noles, both of whom faced adversity and came through it. They have great stories to tell and you won’t want to miss it. You can sign up to take part in Prayer Breakfasts on Saturday the 3rd via an insert in Sunday’s bulletin, and then buy your tickets for the Saturday night dinner which will be at 5 pm. Most importantly, start inviting your family and friends to join you for what promises to be a great, great weekend in our church!
  • - We’re starting to collect goodies for the next College Care Packages which will be sent out mid-February, so if you’d like to donate things like granola bars, microwavable mac ‘n cheese, hot chocolate mix, candy, crackers, gum, etc., please place them in the donation bin in the Welcome Center area. 
  • - As you probably know by now, the Rotating Homeless Shelter has been restarted, and our church is responsible for the week of March 5th. We’ll need drivers, hosts and hostesses and people to stay overnight. There is a sign-up sheet on the Missions bulletin board in the Hospitality Area, so please, if you can, sign up to help!
  • - Finally, it’s time for new Dining Out Groups to form, so if you’re interested in being part of this great activity, fill out the insert in this Sunday’s bulletin and put it in the offering plate. Dinner Groups are groups of eight people who meet once a month to go out to dinner at a local restaurant. The groups pick the dates and locations. This is a wonderful way to get to know more people in the church and have a great night out once a month! Please note that if you’re already a part of a Dinner Group, you still need to sign up again, because all of the groups are being re-formed for the new year.
Well, I think that’s it for now. Let me say a word of thanks to Ray Graham for covering for me last week. I watched the worship video and it was great – he and Joe Buckley were a great team!

Have a great Friday, and an even greater weekend! Find some time for rest and relaxation even while you tackle your chores. Spend time with those you love! And then I’ll see you on Sunday morning in worship! Can’t wait!

Oh wait, one more thing! GO EAGLES!!! (Sorry, I just had to do it!)

                                            Grace and Peace,

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